The double touch of Saten bed sheet

Saten perfectly represents Society’s creative process. Its fabric, woven mixing the two most natural fibres, linen and cotton, presents two textures in one sheet. Textile design meets fashion, creating a sense of pure beauty. The sheet decorates the bed with impalpable lightness, leaving a fresh sensation on the skin. Saten is refined and natural, shiny and matte, luscious and minimal; a sheet with great qualities.  

As elegant as marble, this sheet – in satin linen and cotton – creates two different textile experiences. On one side, it is glossy and shiny, with a soft and silky touch, while on the other it has the dry and matte finishing of linen. Saten is unique also for its hem, finished with a fringe for a more contemporary look. Thanks to its delicate modernity, Saten caresses you and your bed, now dressed in unconventional beauty. 


A textile experience by Society Limonta

Elegance and good quality: these are the characteristics distinguishing Society Limonta’s creations, each product being the result of accurate research of materials and innovative manufacturing processes. Choosing the most exquisite fibres, Society Limonta dresses the home with unique fabrics that generate emotions. 

Feel The Product is a journey through textile design which tells the story of fine materials and their exclusive details. This sensorial itinerary exploring the qualities of our products starts with research and experimentation.

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