Rem QuiltRem Quilt

Rem Quilt

CHF 780
Nite QuiltNite Quilt

Nite Quilt

CHF 725
Talk QuiltTalk Quilt

Talk Quilt

CHF 1,150
Miro QuiltMiro Quilt

Miro Quilt

CHF 750

Heavy and lightweight quilts: endless combinations for the bed

Society Limonta quilts are versatile products, suitable for mild seasons. Timeless quilts, which belong to the all-season bed linen collection, make never-ending bed combinations possible when pairing them with blankets and throws.

Society Limonta double quilts are available both in the classic crumpled linen quilt version and as a cotton muslin quilt, with a smoother, more lightweight appearance. Both covered with garment-dyed fabric, they are padded with hypoallergenic fibre and polyester, ensuring an ideal temperature, especially in spring and early autumn.

A higher quality, warmer quilt (internal link), made from Siberian goose down, it offers a soft, pleasant embrace, thanks to its lightweight style and soft padding.