Drai Robe Drai Robe

Drai Robe

CHF 210 CHF 300
Tredi Robe Tredi Robe

Tredi Robe

CHF 315 CHF 450
Kur Robe Kur Robe

Kur Robe

CHF 450
Linge Robe Linge Robe

Linge Robe

CHF 465

Your daily research for wellness and comfort

The soft bathrobes by Society Limonta pamper your body every day. Available in different fabrics and in a wide colour selection, they complete the bathroom collection combining style, quality and a continuous research for innovative fabrics.

They are made in linen or cotton and are available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Kimono style with a wide shawl collar and with ample, handy pockets, they can be used also as house robes together with other bathroom collection items, following the mix&match rule that allows matching different colours and fabrics following one’s personal style and mood.