Grains Tablecloth

Grains Tablecloth

CHF 332 CHF 415
Lurix Tablecloth Lurix Tablecloth

Lurix Tablecloth

CHF 280 CHF 350
Petals Tablecloth Petals Tablecloth

Petals Tablecloth

CHF 332 CHF 415
Yer Tablecloth Yer Tablecloth

Yer Tablecloth

CHF 222.50 CHF 445
Nin Tablecloth Nin Tablecloth

Nin Tablecloth

CHF 222.50 CHF 445
Brait Tablecloth Brait Tablecloth

Brait Tablecloth

CHF 90 CHF 180

The unconventional luxury dresses your table

Society Limonta’s continuous research for a refined, never paraded luxury can be easily summarized in the definition “understated luxury”. Even on the table, Society Limonta mixes fabrics and colours, embroidered tablecloths or in solid colours, recovering old fabrics and traditional manufacturing processes giving them a more contemporary life. Thanks to their strong fashion design vocation, they create new and unusual opportunities for dressing a home, with an original and personal style.

Society Limonta manufactures tablecloths with precious and natural fabrics, like their froissé linen, garment dyed in a wide range of colours, for an elegant but never banal table. Society Limonta offers also unusual combinations of yarns and weaving processes, for any type of occasion, even the most important celebrations: a Christmas table by Society Limonta is a unique experience, with new textile design pieces every year. Available in different sizes, square and rectangular, perfect for every table setting, from the most formal dinners, to the more casual moments with family or friends.