Jisp Duvet Cover Jisp Duvet Cover

Jisp Duvet Cover

CHF 245 CHF 350
Rem Duvet Cover Rem Duvet Cover

Rem Duvet Cover

CHF 385 CHF 550

A comfortable fabric, suitable for every season

A very versatile bedding product that can be used for most part of the year, from the colder season to the milder ones. Society Limonta’s linen duvet covers can be enjoyed both in winter as in spring, thanks to the thermoregulation quality of the linen fibres while enhancing the softness of any type of duvet.

The hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties of linen are combined with Society Limonta’s manufacturing process, for a softer fabric in a wide colour range. All linen duvet covers are available in standard neutral colours and in the seasonal palettes, and can be creatively matched to all bed linens in any type of fabric. The garment dye colouring process enhances the fabric’s characteristics conferring unique colour nuances, which communicate the brand’s contemporary vintage style.