Pal Jersey Scarf

CHF 220 CHF 275

Shade Scarf

CHF 215
Pal Twill Scarf Pal Twill Scarf

Pal Twill Scarf

CHF 172 CHF 215
Flo Scarf

Flo Scarf

CHF 231 CHF 330
Drai Hang Drai Hang

Drai Hang

CHF 195
Drai Bag Drai Bag

Drai Bag

CHF 150.50 CHF 215

Casual luxury to wear

That extra touch to your personal look following the casual luxury philosophy in pure Society Limonta style. The same passion for research given to its fabrics, is also dedicated to its accessories collections. Bags, scarves and small fashion collections* in limited editions, like their vests, shirts and rain jackets dedicated to those who wish to wear Society Limonta’s style.

The shopping bags are made with a soft and practical cotton canvas and come in several colours and sizes. Ideal in the city, for travelling and for sports. Even the large tote bags with a zipper closing are available in different models and colours. The scarves are manufactured in noble and natural fabrics like wool, linen, silk and cashmere, and are available in every season. A refined touch, which will complete your personal style. All accessories celebrate the passion for colour and refined fabrics, which characterizes all Society Limonta addicts, even outside their homes.

*available only in shops