Milano Design Week 2019

To look within, to look beyond... Society Limonta invites you to discover our vision of home. Going beyond style, exploring new horizons to inspire and create intimacy in the home. The concept of the installation for the Milano Design Week 2019 is revealed by a horizon line that opens up physically to become a point of view. The windows of the store at 1 Via Palermo, articulated in their architecture like the layout of a house, lead to the gradual exploration of four rooms, four different environments: bed, table, bathroom and a walk-in closet, all dressed in layers of textiles. Each room has been dressed in a colour from the new Summer Horizon 2019 collection to interpret a mood and provide potential inspiration for a personal journey into style. A horizon usually conjures up a vast outdoor space, everything that is external, but here Society hints at the possibility of also finding and creating one indoors, in our own world inside our homes.