At EDIT Napoli in collaboration with Monoferments and Feudi di San Gregorio

For the second year running Society Limonta takes part in EDIT Napoli by donating second choice textiles to create the installation “UNEXPLORED TRANSITIONS”, designed by Monoferments in collaboration with Feudi di San Gregorio. The project was exhibited at the international fair of independent and auteur design, held in Naples from 6 to 8 October 2023.

monoferts society limonta

At the same event, last year Monostudio Associati, an Architecture and Interior Design Studio from Milan, met Feudi di San Gregorio, one of the main wine companies in southern Italy.

A synergy of intents established an interesting connection between design and wine production, to which Society’s textile touch was added.

feudi san gregorio society limonta

By participating, Society Limonta plays a significant, double role. Not only does it become the textile background of this artistic collaboration, lending its exclusive fabrics, but also it supports the vision Monoferments has been promoting and pursuing since its beginnings: an alternative interior design based on a clever and conscious reuse of valuable waste, in the name of a more sustainable and regenerative future.

monoferments society limonta

The final project consists of a collection of tapestries and curtains made of fabric provided by Society, characterised by a circular, geometric aesthetic, designed by Monoferments and by the dark, bold red nuances, inspired by the wines of Feudi di San Gregorio. The result of this triple collaboration is a unique coexistence of fine fabrics, sophisticated design and exquisite colour shades.

society limonta con Monoferments a feudi san giorgio Napoli