A contemporary but vintage flavour

Widely used for house linens, linen is today revisited by Society Limonta for its bathroom collections. The most loved fabric by all Society Limonta fans, froissè linen, becomes a set of very light linen towel sets, but extra absorbent with a minimal chic look.

The same type of fibre is also produced in a waffle weave version, with a three-dimensional feel. It becomes a very light linen towel, highly absorbent with a pleasant rough feel that provides a gentle scrub.
Linen towel sets are hypoallergenic, very absorbent and very resistant. All linen towel sets are available in all neutral shades and seasonal palettes for endless colour combinations even with cotton towels, to easily change your bathroom’s style.

Linen terry cloth, instead, reinterprets traditional terry towels used in Northern Europe for saunas. They are particularly suitable for the cold season.

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