Linen: classic material for bath towels

Society Limonta revisits a classic fabric like linen, traditionally used for bed linens, in a new, versatile and practical bathroom version.

Created in a soft, hypoallergenic, and highly absorbent, froissé linen. The most classic of all Society Limonta’s bath towels come in desaturated colours and are decorated with two horizontal embroidered lines, which enhance their vintage allure. The same linen fabric is also presented in a waffle weave version, for a very light towel with a three-dimensional feel, which allows for a light, massaging scrub while drying. At last, Society Limonta creates also a very soft terry linen cloth. With a strong body, and with a dense and thin curl, inspired by the towels used in Northern Europe for saunas.

Whether combined to their matching towel sets, or mixed with different patterns and fabrics, all linen towels give a new contemporary life, to this classic and traditional fabric.

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