As in holiday postcards from the past, the Spring Summer 2022 collection by Society Limonta is captured in a rarefied space and time. Spaces are populated by human figures in suspension, a still image that freezes the situation in an uncertain, however perfect, balance.

The summer tale unfolds in sober spaces, dressed with the colours borrowed from ancient frescoes, the shapes are irregular, like mosaic tiles. The new seasonal colours Girasole, Ametista and Paprika reflect the intensity of the season without exasperating its undertones. It’s a soft summer, calm and muted, with clouds pierced by sun rays. It’s a summer memory, a travel diary, the portrait of an instant.


Spring summer's bed sheets whisper in the silence. They glide on the skin like a wool and silk caress. Sleep and vigil mix together. Memories blur the outlines of the present. Grif Bed Cover is a double face bedspread in cotton and jaspe linen, which presents a melange effect on one side and a solid colour on the other. Different fibres are combined to create the two new throws: Lalli, in wool and linen, is a double face woven throw with a contrasting edge, while Malfi, made of silk and wool, despite of the coarse look, is soft and delicate to the touch.




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The tablecloths in printed abaca take the centre of the summer stage, like the focal point in a painting. A perfect balance of irregular shapes and patterns that highlight each and every natural imperfection, sitting together at the table is a gesture that combines taste and
aesthetic pleasure
. Bla tablecloth is an explosion of delicate and romantic leaves in verbena, a dusty pink; Ola is a graphic tablecloth with multiple wavy stripes; Brok tablecloth is an unusual chequered tartan pattern, with a refined detail that creates a fake frayed effect, a sort of graphic trompe l’oeil.

Dining room

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Since the times of the Roman empire, water symbolises the passage of time. The ritual associated with taking a bath
highlights the importance of the gestures and the time spent taking care of ourselves. The new bathroom towels are made of pure fibres, like linen and cotton, revisited in a vintage eye: Dria is a new version of the traditional Society’s linen. Triky is a towel made of twisted cotton.


Our looks


OLTRE Society Design Collection completes the lifestyle with new objects within the creative team or the result of collaboration with artists and designers similar to Society in taste and philosophy.