Isacco exhibited at the ADI Design Museum

Isacco, the laundry basket designed by Dario Antoniali, will be exhibited at the ADI Design Museum in Milan from 20 June to next September. After winning the Archiproducts Design Award in 2020, Isacco was selected as one of the most representative products of Italian design by the ADI Design Index for the “Design for living” section, becoming part of a museum exhibition for the first time. isacco society limonta cesto portabiancheria adi design museo

The laundry basket is made of an iron frame, which serves as support, and a basket in MELOG, a double paired nylon chosen for being stretchy and resistant.

Isacco, Shapeless Shape, is a project developed within the OLTRE Society Design Collection, a space dedicated to research and development of design solutions conceived within Society’s creative team or in collaboration with artists and designers that are close to the brand’s taste, philosophy and lifestyle.