Dialogues between style and sensitivity

For Society, weaving ideas and matter together generates
beauty. The weaving of warp and weft creates the actual structure of a fabric, in a dialogue between threads that turns into something more complex, in the same way as many notes become a symphony.

TRAME is the new format where Society meets people and ideas with a similar philosophy and sensitivity. A dialogue that promotes new collaborations, in an endless pursuit of new stories to tell.  


As setting for the FW21-22 SENZA TEMPO collection,
Society Limonta chooses spaces designed by interior designer Daniele Daminelli, an eclectic personality whose inspiration comes from a variety of worlds, from fashion to Eastern movies to European Baroque art. Studio 2046, founded in 2017, perfectly reflects the search for a timeless beauty in its projects, resulting in unique and original ideas based on an interdisciplinary approach that involves architecture, interior and product design.

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Value affinities

Chromatic accords and symphonies of materials,
saturated and immersive colours are the distinctive haracteristics of the rooms where Society’s collection comes alive. A great attention to details and a sensitive chromatic research cast their light on the common vision, one where the house becomes an emotional place for everyone to live their own story.