A contemporary home

Surprising with chiaroscuro effects and juxtapositions of fabrics, without being distracted by colours. These are the characteristics that architect and designer Alessandro Isola pursued in the design of Fluid Home, a contemporary, algid home with contrasting tones. Located in the Pordenone countryside, the space is the protagonist of two short movies produced by Society in collaboration with Architecture Hunter.

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Society’s iconic textiles dressed the 700 square metres of the house designed by the architect, who explaines how the project was born and how he managed to make some elements from the old house, where the current owner spent his childhood, coexist
with the new and majestic building
. From the linen of REM sheets and the wool of NID blankets, to the cotton canvas of DRAI HANG bags and the soft alpaca of TED throws; a selection of Society’s most loved products decorated the interiors and the outdoor spaces of the residence, thanks to an exquisite combination of textures and patterns.

The fluidity, where the name of the house comes from, is found in the different uses that every room has and in the presence of adjustable panels and sliding screens, which results in a continuity between inside and outside. In the same way, Society’s textures were chosen for the decoration of indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a coherent textile dress between the work of man and the work of nature.

Selected Products

Fluid Home