The following Terms and Conditions (T&C) refer exclusively to the sale of the Gift Card by Limonta S.p.A. (hereinafter “Limonta”), based in Italy, Via Cesare Battisti 15, 23845 Costa Masnaga (LC), VAT number 00201760139. Limonta reserves the right to update and modify the T&C at any time. This does not affect the rights of the buyer. The use of the Gift Card implies acceptance of these T&C and therefore we advise you to read them carefully.


  1. How to buy, activate, check the available balance and validity


The Gift Card can only be purchased on the Society Limonta's website and corresponds to a credit in electronic form.


The Gift Card is available with three amounts of credits (150/250/500), in the currency (EUR/USD/GBP) of the country/geographical area of ​Limonta's web site through which it is purchased. It is not possible to activate a Gift Card with credits other than those indicated or to load an already activated Gift Card with additional money. However, you can purchase a new one at any time.


The Gift Card is immediately generated and activated after purchase (with a unique code), with the receipt of confirmation via email, and has a duration of 6 months starting from the day of activation. At the end of the 6 months, the remaining credit in the Gift Card is zeroed and the Gift Card loses its validity.


You can check the remaining amount of the Gift Card via the activation email, which contains a direct link to a page where you can check the remaining credit.


The buyer cannot request a full or partial refund of the Gift Card credit. The buyer who has not used the Gift Card has the right to request cancellation and refund within 14 days of purchase by writing an email to


  1. How to use


The Gift Card can be used by the buyer or it can be given (given as a gift) to another person by forwarding the unique code associated with the Gift Card. We therefore advise you to pay attention to the custody of the unique code and how communicate to other subjects.


The purchased Gift Card can only be used to purchase Society Limonta products online on the Society Limonta's website of the country in which it was purchased (IT, EU, Extra-EU, UK, US/Canada). A Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another Gift Card.


To use the Gift Card when purchasing on the proper Limonta's website:

  • Select the payment method
  • Enter the unique code associated with the Gift Card


The total amount of the order will be deducted from the balance of the Gift Card. If the Gift Card used does not cover the total of the order, one of the payment methods available can be used to pay the difference.


It is not possible to use more than one Gift Card in the same order.


The Gift Card cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATMs, it is not linked to a bank account, it is not a guarantee card, it is not a debit or credit card, nor can generate interest on the available balance.


The Gift Card cannot be exchanged or returned.


  1. How to be refunded for purchases made with the Gift Card


In case of return of a product purchased with a Gift Card, the refund will be credited back to the same Gift Card. If the Gift Card has expired or is about to expire, the expiration will be postponed by 30 days.


In case of returning a product purchased with a Gift Card in conjunction with another payment method, the refund will be made in the first place on the payment method used for the original transaction until the amount initially paid with that payment method is reached. The remaining balance of the refund will be credited back to the same Gift Card.


  1. Revocation and improper use


Limonta reserves the right to refuse, cancel or suspend a Gift Card (and the orders associated with it if it deems it necessary) in the event, for example, of suspected fraud, if issued erroneously with an incorrect name, or for other violations or uses contrary to the law or not in accordance with the T&C.


If you believe that your Gift Card has been used fraudulently, please contact Limonta immediately at the email address


  1. Personal data processing


The personal data collected by Limonta to purchase and use the Gift Card will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Information on the processing of personal data available on the Limonta's website at the page Privacy Policy Gift Card.